Wesley Imagine for Anon

You feel your bed lurch and then you feel yourself getting bounced up and down. You open your eyes and see your three best friends, Wes,Drew and Keaton jumping on your bed.”What are you guys doing?” You groaned.”You wanted us to teach you how to surf.”Wes answer still jumping.”Come on Y/N get up.”Keaton says “But it’s early.” you whine “It’s 10 sleepyhead.”Drew laughs. “I’ll get up,if you all stop jumping.”you growl. They all jump off your bed and you roll out of it. “Breakfast in 15 and then we are leaving,be ready.” Keaton says as him and the boys leave.

You throw your swimsuit and shorts and pull your hair into a ponytail,brush your teeth,and walk out of your bedroom. You were spending the week at the Stromberg’s,and the boys had promised to teach you how to surf. Even though you lived by the beach in your home town,you live in the east coast and there were virtually no waves.

You sat down at the kitchen table and after a quick breakfast of egg sandwiches,you  and the guys head down to the beach.You eyes widen at the sight of the huge waves.”It will be okay Y/N.”Wes says giving you a hug.You heart flutters a little,you had a crush on Wes,not that he knew.

You rented a surfboard,got some brief instructions from the boys and walked to the waterfront  You hesitate for a moment before walking out,when you knew deep and get on the board and paddle out. You watch as one.two and three of the boys ride a wave in. Now it’s your turn,you see a wave and as it reaches it height you stand up, riding it perfectly in.

You jump off as soon as it too shallow.You’re not off the board for more than ten seconds before Wes rush hugs you”See you did it.”he says lifting you off the ground. He sets you down and he looks into your eyes and he kisses you.

You heart jumped through your chest,this was not happening.You lips stayed locked for a few seconds before Drew says”Will you two get a roo?.” You both brew away and smile at each other for a second.Both Drew and Keaton start talking about how well you had just surfed, completely ignoring the fact you two had been kissing.

You spent the rest of the day surfing and walked back to the house hand and hand with Wes.

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