Drew imagine for Ursula

A/N: It’s short but I hope you like it! And no I don’t that Drew is a pretty face.

 You’re going to a friends house to have a Nerf.She said that she was inviting a few of her friend to come and play with you guys. You walk into your friends to see a few people. You see a group of boys and you instantly fall in love with the one with the dirty blonde hair.

You split into groups and the boy with the blonde hair is on the other team,you are not the kind of girl to show mercy to a pretty face instead you make him your special target. Apparently he had made you his special target to because as soon as the game starts .You two went after each other , you’re the first to die,which never happens to you ever!You hit him, firing from the grave, you fall to the ground ,then you both look at each other and laugh. “Get off the battlefield you two!” your friends yell. “Going!!”you holler back.

You sit down on the lawn chairs and start to talk and you ask for his number,which he gives to you and that is the start of your relationship! 

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